My first Reiki experience

I first met Renata in a metafit session at Shipton back in 2015, and we hit it off immediately. I was interested to hear that she was going to become a metafit coach and had recently qualified as a Reiki practitioner, and when she later offered me a Reiki taster session, I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

I had an idea of what Reiki was, using energy to “heal” through the hands, and confess I was sceptical at first, but decided to approach it with an open mind. As for the actual treatment, I didn’t know what to expect from the session and this added to the overall sense of anticipation. The Treatment Room at the Raylor Centre was a peaceful haven of purple and relaxing zen-like music filled the room. It was a Sunday afternoon and very quiet and after completing a simple questionnaire, we got down to business!

All I had to remove was my shoes. The treatment couch was surprisingly comfortable and the peace and quiet and tranquil music made it easy to relax. Using a combination of “laying on hands” and hovering her hands over me, Renata worked her way around me, starting at the head and working downwards towards the feet. Almost immediately I became aware of a buzzing sensation around my face, and there seemed to be a lot of heat coming from Renata’s hands. As she moved around, I could feel the heat from her hands and the buzzing sensation around my face faded. In certain areas as she moved around I was aware of a different prickly sensation and in other areas there was no sensation at all, or just warmth from her hands.

Specifically whilst she was working around my head, I also experienced a visual kaleidoscope of moving patterns and colours, predominantly deep blue and white. I hadn’t expected to feel or see anything like this, so was surprised by the different sensations I experienced.

The session lasted just over half an hour, and I felt very relaxed and chilled at the end of it. A cup of chamomile tea at the end of the session was a very nice finishing touch and much appreciated.

I’ve since had several regular Reiki sessions with Renata, and would thoroughly recommend her. She so obviously cares about her clients and wants to do her best for you. I find that I’m sleeping well and feel I can cope much better with stress – the sessions are so relaxing it’s a pleasure to endure!

Michelle M, York.
August 2016.

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